Anjaneyulu is a super realist.

Seeing his works initially brings a sense of awe amongst the viewers. This transforms into curiosity and then into a smile of appreciation because they are more real than the real objects that he depicts on the canvases. Classical painterly skills and conceptual strength are what make Anjaneyulu's paintings appealing. He is the chronicler of mundane objects around him and gives them an iconic status in his works. Against a large white surface he centrally positions these images, looking surreally real and majestic in their painterly manifestations. Though the selection of images looks random and the painterly approach is to highlight their presence in our daily lives, these images indirectly register the history of the 'local' objects in a visual language and in turn these paintings speak of the lives of the people who handle/use these objects in their daily lives. Hence, through these representational paintings he creates a series of metaphors that poetically narrate a series of stories with a very ethnic flavor.

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